Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Whew. So... after leaving shortly after class on Friday, I'm finally back in my room from spending the past few non-stop days in Seoul - South Korea's largest city. It was overwhelming at first just how huge it was, and even though Jonathan and I barely stopped even to eat the whole time we were there, we didn't even get a chance to see half of what the city had to offer.

I've just finished sorting through and selecting some of my 200+ pictures to upload, so there are three albums up on Facebook! Woo! Try not to get too bored with them too fast, because there is a LOT of different stuff in there.
Album 1
Album 2
Album 3

Also, an update about my current situation...

Today (Tuesday) is Korea's national holiday of Chuseok - the reason I had this break from school. But because of the holiday, nothing in Daegu is open, including the school cafeteria! Ah! After getting back to my room and filling up on gummi worms and cereal, I decided I need to get some sort of nutrition in my system and wandered out to the convenience store in that back alley that leads to the subway closest to the dorm. Luck with with me that they were still open, but my choices were still limited. On tonight's dinner menu:

Is it a giant carrot or a minuscule carton of milk?


Chris said...

MMMMMMM...sounds tasty!!!

Helena said...

Ooh, ooh! I know! Pick me! It's a giant carrot, yes? A giant mutant carrot.