Saturday, September 15, 2007

Apples, chestnuts, a wedding, and lots and lots of rain...

So today was another day to wake up bright and early to go see a part of Korean culture. This time it was a trip to Guam Farmstay Village, where we got to pick famous Daegu apples, dye scarves, pick chestnuts, witness a traditional Korean wedding, and dance to the beat of traditional Korean drum music. It was a long, long day filled with lots of walking, rain, and mud, so I'm pooped!

This is another story better told in pictures, though, so I have another Facebook album ( all made up for you. Enjoy!

After you look at the pictures, I have a few videos here too. But you have to see the pictures first to get the whole story and explanations! I don't know why the videos seem to steadily go back and forth from blurry to clear, so I hope that stops soon...

And for something completely different...

It's nice to get "normal" American food every now and then. :) Even if you have to walk 45 minutes to get it. The menu is very different, though... no $1 deals here. And there's extra stuff, like "bulgogi burger" or "shrimp burger". I stuck with the ever-classic cheeseburger, fries, and a Pepsi (the default soft drink here in Korea).

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