Thursday, August 30, 2007

Um, excuse me, waiter...

...there seems to be a chicken in my soup...I'm getting the feeling that dinner is going to become a great topic of interest in these blog posts. For the first month, anyway. Apparently we get a different meal every day, but it's a one-month cycle. So I get to look forward to three more chicken soup meals! The bowls were set up with the chicken sitting on a bed of rice, and as the students came up to get it, the cafeteria ladies poured the broth part over it all. Mmm mmm good.

Anywho, this afternoon's activities consisted of shopping! Shopping at the Korean version of Wal-mart, I guess, known here as HomePlus. When we walked in the door, we encountered a group of giggling Korean girls still in their school uniforms who said "Hi! You're beautiful! I love you!" to me and who also told Jonathan he was nice... Cute kids. Anyway like Emart, HomePlus had several different levels, which you can get to and from by escalator. But since there are carts just like at Wal-mart (except better because the wheels turn every direction so you can actually push the cart completely sideways), the escalators are ramps, which I find highly entertaining.
And I got new shoes! They're really nice (especially nicer than the flip-flops I've been wearing) and I think they'll be really good on these rainy days. Hopefully they'll dry fast, and I'll definitely stop slipping on all of the brick walkways. Here they are, sitting in the designated shoe area of the room, since it's customary for Koreans to leave their outside shoes off the inside floor. They cost me less than W20,000 ($2o), and for good LA Gear shoes, I figured that was a good deal. I had to get one of the men's sizes, though... apparently my American feet are bigger than those of your typical Korean girl. Go figure.

Anyway, I also rode the Daegu subway for the first time to get there, so that was exciting. It's a really nice, really clean system, which was a nice alternative to the New York subway system that I experienced this summer. It costs W1,100 for a one way trip, but once I get my student ID from Keimyung, that also works as a transportation card, so I can put money on that and maybe it will be even cheaper. I guess I'll find out.
There is a back way from campus to a subway stop, and since our dorm is at the back of campus, it's MUCH easier and a much shorter distance to trek that way instead of going all the way to one of the gates. I took a few pictures back there, too, since it was a side of Daegu I hadn't seen yet.
There's a "hair shop" back there, and a church.

And apparently this is someone's house... I'm extremely jealous. I want a house like that, although in a better location than the back streets of Daegu.
And then here's the little road that leads up to the (long) set of stairs that leads back up the hill to the school. Woo! I'm so tired now, though... Hopefully tonight I'll sleep well!


Anonymous said...

Were you able to get egg carton padding for you bed?


Pequeños Milagros said...

I love you! I miss you! You're amazing, and you're going to have a great time in Korea. Go rappelling or something. You seem to have enough hills for that...

Matthew said...

The house looked awesome and I like the idea of ramped escalators, makes the prospect of falling down an up escalator a bit more amusing.