Tuesday, August 28, 2007


My internet in my room is finally working!!! It's a huge relief, and now I can even get all of my pictures uploaded! Yay! You can click on them to make them bigger, and don't forget that you can leave messages at the end of the posts if you want to. =) Yay again! And since a blog isn't the most ideal place to organize a bunch of photos, I'll put the highlights here. If you want the full effect, I put up an album (<---- Click there!) of all of them, which you shouldn't have any problems seeing. If you do, let me know... (By the way, tomorrow's schedule: Korean Language and Taekwondo!)

My room! Yes, my bed is on the floor. It consists of a 1", maybe 1.5" thick foam-ish pad and two blankets. ...and two pillows and George. =)

Ju-youn (my buddy student) and me at the international students' party. A lot of Koreans give themselves English names so its easier for us to remember. Hers is "Ally," but she pronounces it more like "Ellie."

Su-hyun wearing the Texas t-shirt I gave her while showcasing her lunch. I don't remember what it's called...

Angela, an exchange student from Germany, and me at Mr. Pizza. Koreans seem to share everything, so at that lunch there were just two drinks - one for Angela and I and one for Su-hyun and her friend.

The view of Seongseo from the highest point on campus - Adams Chapel. Su-hyun took Angela and I up here at night, and the city looks amazing when it's all lit up. Unfortunately, none of the pictures I took turned out as anything more than colorful blurs. =( Seongseo, by the way, is the name of the area of Daegu that the Keimyung campus is on. All of Daegu is much, much larger.


Pequeños Milagros said...

I'm excited about you finally getting settled in, even though I'm jealous of your constant internet access. No fair! It's just like being at TLU- but in Korea. (It's exactly the same, I swear). Tell me how your classes go. I love you so freaking much!!!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Nice pictures! Now i believe that you are actually there :P jk

Anywho have fun i'll talk to you later


Ethan said...

Ah! You're amazing. And you have internet, which is awesome, too. And I'm still waiting on my package in the mail. You know the one I mean. Yeah. And tell Su-hyun that your brother says 'Hi.' xD Yeah. That's all. k, bai.


Ethan said...

And also, I left you a comment on your previous post, the one about leave. You'll need internet explorer to see it, not firefox.

Eileen said...

Good words.