Friday, August 24, 2007

Everything's in Korean...

So I hope this post turns out okay, because I'm not sure which button to click on to post it...

ANYway! I know a lot of people are wondering what in the world happened to me after I got on the plane for Korea, and if you haven't been in contact with my mom, here's the story.

The plan was to get online at the airport in Seoul after my 14 hour flight and email everyone letting them know I was safe. The plan failed, however, when I was unable to correctly download or install or something... (I'm not even sure) ...the right program to use to connect to the public WiFi. I managed to find a phone card and an international pay phone, though, so I was able to call my (worried) mother at around 2AM-ish her time to let her know.

I should have my own internet in my room on Monday, so I will have much more time to explain the whole story about my trip and my first few days here. I have pictures, too, which will definitely be put up here as soon as I can.

Right now I'm in the Korean version of an internet cafe (called a PC Bang - "bang" means "room" in Korean). My time is about up, though, so I'll write again when I get internet in my room. I miss everyone very much, and keep me in your prayers!

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