Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Carrying Typhoid

Summer has officially begun, and I'm all vaccinated and ready to go! Our doctor said that I didn't really need most of the vaccinations recommended by the CDC (which, I admit, kind of makes me nervous. What if I get Japanese encephalitis?!). I have had my tetanus shot now, and I'm in the middle of taking typhoid pills which will keep me vaccinated until 2012. Woo!

While at the doctor, by the way, I also found out that I'm not anemic, but I have had mono at some point in my life. Who knew? Also, apparently I need to eat more sugar. Yeah, now everyone wishes they had a doctor like mine. Ha!

Anywho, I'm also in the process of deciding which classes to request at Keimyung. So far, I for sure want to take the Korean Language course, Korean History, Korean Culture (sensing a trend?), and Korean Government and Politics. I can take one more class with those, too, but I can't decide between Gender Issues in Contemporary Korean Society (which will hopefully count as a PoliSci/Ethics-based credit) or a course about the development of Korean economy (which may work as my last Economics credits). I emailed Dr. Walsh (my lovely advisor) about them both, so we'll see what she says soon.

Still to do:
-Buy a plane ticket
-Get my visa
-Get James a job =\

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Pequeños Milagros said...

I love you. You are amazingly awesome, and I really miss you, and I know you'll get all the little things done. Getting James a job might not be so little, but that's not entirely your job anyway.