Saturday, April 28, 2007

Papers, papers /everywhere/.

Considering that taking care of paperwork has been quite an adventure all on its own, I have decided that documenting my travels abroad should begin before I even leave the States.

Having been accepted by ISEP into a study abroad program which will send me to South Korea, I am utterly ecstatic. Not even the constant in- and out-flow of paperwork has brought down my anticipation, although it most definitely can be said that it tried. I'd just like to say that if they had told me before I started all of this just how much terrifying work was going to be involved in order to get everything ready to go abroad, I highly doubt I would have done it.

Now that I'm (probably) at least half way done with all of the hard stuff, though, I know that the trip is going to be worth all of this. Ironically enough, I'm not the only one from TLU who will be studying at Keimyung University in Daegu, which is interesting because Charla (the TLU study abroad director) was very excited when I told her it was one of the places I wanted to go; apparently no one from TLU has ever gone before, and now there's two of us going in the same year. Ridiculous.

Jonathan, his name is, and he's actually going for the entire year rather than just a semester. We've been in contact, though, since we didn't even know each other until we found out we were headed to the same school abroad, so it might work out that we're able to fly over there together and everything. He has family near the school, so I may even get to tag along with him to see some of the sights around Daegu.

But I have a few months yet. For now, I just need to sit back and relax until my information packet comes from Keimyung in June. Then the craziness will begin again as I have to apply for a visa, get the plane tickets, and start packing.

Wish me luck!

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Pequeños Milagros said...

Um, yeah, so the thing with the having people you know going with you. That's not fair. How does this keep happening to you? Also, we don't get our packets till June? Why didn't I hear that before- is that just for you? Does this all seem fake to you still?