Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Visa Update

Soooooo.... I'm in Galveston at the moment. Yesterday, we went to Houston and dropped off all of my paperwork to get my student visa for Korea. Yay! It would be ready on Wednesday, but that happens to be a Korean holiday, so we have to wait until Thursday to go pick everything back up.

And when I get home, Jess'll be coming to see me on Saturday! Yay again! She's flying out the next day to Argentina, though, which is totally exciting. I'm glad I still have one more month before I leave, because I'm definitely not ready yet. Then again, if I were leaving next week, I'd probably have all of my stuff together already like she does.

After we pick up my visa, I still have to...

-inventory for packing.
-get a computer cord/power converter that works.
-secure a job for James.
-figure out where I'm staying the first night (since I'm arriving a day before the dorms open).

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Pequeños Milagros said...

Ohmigoodness, I might seem like I have everything together, but I'm not even sure how I'm paying for stuff down there yet. I have to call my credit card company/bank to see how that's going to work, I have to pack my freaking carry on, I have to finish Temple of the Winds, I somehow have to say goodbye to everyone here, then Wes...yeah, I'm not ready. Also, go to Wal Mart and get the power converter for pretty much every country ever- look up the type first, and you and I can figure out if it matches my converter when I get there. I love you, and I'll see you on Saturday!!!